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Marinella Senatore

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The catalogue, published on the occasion of Claire Fontaine - Pasquarosa - Marinella Senatore (20 october 2020 - in progress) exhibition, curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto, tells about three different interpreters of history, generation and culture, associated through a common sensibility towards the themes of individual freedom, in particular feminism. This orientation is expressed by each of them, in their own ways, influenced by their personal and professional experience, but capable of presenting unexpected, sometimes surprising, points of convergence. 

In fact, if Claire Fontaine and Marinella Senatore reflect upon universe themes such as politics, religion, violence, gender difference, and the role of women in the social context, each through a variegated set of expressive modalities (sculpture, drawing, photos, writing, installations, videos, performances…), the “Phenomenon” Pasquarosa (as Cipriano Efisio Oppo defined the painter in 1918), was confronted with the same themes as well, with the difference that, compared to the others, Pasquarosa did so, knowingly or unconsciously, more through her own existence than through the exercise of her profession. In otherwords, through confronting a series of unusual environmental and social circumstances in her time, Pasquarosa became a pioneer of those movements fighting for women’s economic, civil and political rights that serve as the object of creative expression by Claire Fontaine and Marinella Senatore.