Piero Golia


Piero Golia has returned to Italy at last to present an original project that takes shape within the framework of a subtle dialogue made up of echoes of and references to its historical and cultural setting. 

The work is developed through some of the means of expression most frequently adopted by the artist, who mixes the media of installation, video and performance. 

Geta Brӑtescu 

Adrian Ghenie

Ciprian Mureşan

Şerban Savu


The exhibition that brings together works by the artists Geta Brătescu (Ploiești, 1926 – Bucharest, 2018), Adrian Ghenie (Baia Mare, 1977), Ciprian Mureşan (Dej, 1977) and Şerban Savu (Sighișoara, 1978)is curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto.